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BetterOff Housing Show and Tell

Rhea Cunio 2 minute read

Hyde Group and LookingLocal hosted the first BetterOff Show and Tell day exclusively for the housing sector

Private:Public can still work - integrated lifestyle services

Guy Giles 2 minute read

I spend way too much time on my phone, my laptop, tablet. It consumes so much of my day that I’ve fallen into the trap of thinking that everyone does the same and I think I may have allowed it to skew my thinking.

Let’s help each other out

John Latham 2 minute read

Local public sector is uniquely positioned to share expertise, solution designs and code because there are hundreds of organisations with similar requirements operating non-competitively within the same statutory framework.

Cloud components

John Latham 5 minute read

What are the opportunities for UK local authorities to develop solutions from cloud components? What are the challenges? Who is doing it already?

ScanStation Show and Tell - 6th Feb - Q&A

Rhea Cunio 3 minute read

Yesterday LookingLocal and Kirklees Council hosted their third ScanStation Show and Tell day, which saw 15 local authorities making a visit to Kirklees to see the ScanStation platform up close and hear about its implementation at the council.