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Let’s help each other out

John Latham 2 minute read

Local public sector is uniquely positioned to share expertise, solution designs and code because there are hundreds of organisations with similar requirements operating non-competitively within the same statutory framework.

Cloud components

John Latham 5 minute read

What are the opportunities for UK local authorities to develop solutions from cloud components? What are the challenges? Who is doing it already?

ScanStation Show and Tell - 6th Feb - Q&A

Rhea Cunio 3 minute read

Yesterday LookingLocal and Kirklees Council hosted their third ScanStation Show and Tell day, which saw 15 local authorities making a visit to Kirklees to see the ScanStation platform up close and hear about its implementation at the council.

Approaches to solution development

John Latham 3 minute read

How might councils approach development of technical solutions with a view to collaboration and re-use?