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Last week Kirklees Council hosted its latest ScanStation Show and Tell day at Huddersfield Town Hall. Eight local authorities from across the UK visited Kirklees Council to hear about our new self-serve customer scanning technology.

The talks for the day were led by Steve Langrick, Head of Online, Channel Strategy and Development at Kirklees Council and Diane Chapman Customer Contact Centre Manager at Kirklees.

Kirklees Council vision

Steve started the Show and Tell by explaining to delegates the overall council vision of enabling customers to do more for themselves and each other.

As part of this vision, the council customer contact centre has been transformed to become a relaxed area for self-service, at which customers can complete the majority of council transactions without the need for support. The main aim of these new self-serve areas is to increase customer satisfaction by allowing customers to complete complete transactions quickly and easily and with the same high level of service.

ScanStation is the most recent technology to be added to the customer contact centre and enables customer to scan in supporting evidence without the need of an adviser.

Journey behind developing ScanStation

Diane talked delegates through the development of the ScanStation. (For more on this please read the ScanStation: 6 lessons learnt blog).

Diane explained that Kirklees have focused on housing benefit claims for ScanStation initially and that this has already saved the council approximately £144k in adviser time. Advisers are able to work more efficiently spending their time with the vulnerable and complex cases that need their help.

As Scanstation has proved successful in generating savings for housing benefit claims, Kirklees plan to roll this out to cover council tax, business rates, blue badge and disabled travel which has the potential to increase the current savings by 50%. The council are also considering how the app could be used for licensing.

Future events

The ScanStation Show and Tell days are very popular events which include a tour of the new Kirklees Customer Contact Centre to see ScanStation in operation. We will be running more of these events throughout the year. For more information in the meantime please email scanstation@lookinglocal.gov.uk.

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