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Last week Hyde Group and LookingLocal hosted the first BetterOff Show and Tell day exclusively for the housing sector. Held at Hyde’s head offices in London, 16 housing associations from across the UK attended the event.

Talks on the day were led by Jahanara Rajkoomar, Head of Community Investment at Hyde Group and Tom Gardiner, Project Manager for the Hyde BetterOff implementation.

Delegates seemed to be very engaged with the experiences Hyde had to share and to hear about how BetterOff had been improving the way that they offer advice to tenants.

Several questions of particular interest came up during the workshop:

What factors are considered for channel shift and/or impact/benefits to the business during the analysis?

Each organisations is so different so it ultimately changes from one to the other, but broadly we consider things like:

  • Length of appointments
  • Waiting list times
  • Number of service users
  • Advice services spend
  • Travel time
  • Time spent on filling out forms

Can housing associations restrict usage, for example, to that specific housing associations tenants only?

This would be possible for any HA’s looking to integrate BetterOff with their tenant portal for single sign-on. (Organisations were interested in this because of the accuracy of analytics and ensuring that they could get a clear picture of what their customers were doing.)

Does the DWP accept our forms?

Yes, the completed applications generated by BetterOff are DWP’s own fillable PDF forms. What isn’t currently possible is fully online submission; the user must download, sign, print and submit the PDF offline.

What work has been put into future-proofing BetterOff with the introduction of Universal Credit?

A number of the DWP’s “legacy” benefit forms will remain unaffected by UC, for example contributions based ESA and attendance allowance and therefore organisations are still going to need digital versions and advice and guidance for these forms. We are working with our current BetterOff customers to ensure that the platform evolves as the rollout of UC continues.

How are Hyde Housing measuring the impact BetterOff is having?

At the moment, Hyde is happy to measure impact by the number of users to the site, sessions, and bounce rate. If an organisation wanted something that would tell them who was using BetterOff, e.g. whether they were a tenant in arrears, then we could look at further integration options.

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