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West Wakefield Health & Wellbeing Ltd have recently launched a new version of their health advice website in order to ensure patients are triaged most appropriately to the care they need.

West Wakefield’s health and wellbeing website was developed as part of the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund back in May 2015 by Kirklees Council-owned development company, LookingLocal. Since then West Wakefield Health & Wellbeing has developed into a GP Federation, meaning the website now has a wider range of stakeholders with associated demands and needs for appropriate signposting and information. Due to this, the site needed updating throughout to reflect these new requirements and meet the organisation’s new challenges and objectives.

One of the main changes that has been made to the West Wakefield Health and Wellbeing website is an improvement to the digital triage tool. The purpose of the website’s digital triage is to take patients through a series of easy to answer questions around the urgency of their situation and direct them to the right service for their needs. The digital triage has now been redesigned and gets users to the right information with the fewest clicks necessary, which ultimately will look to reduce exit rates from the site and ensure it’s quick and easy for people get the right information.

Aimed at West Wakefield new commercial stakeholders, the GP Federation has also commissioned LookingLocal to add a professionals section to the website. This development falls inline with the organisation’s new development as a Federation and also will build on its vanguard status. The professional section of the site allows commercial bodies to find out about West Wakefield’s innovative approach to new models of care, learn about the organisation’s vanguard programme and also gives West Wakefield a place to promote its ‘Show and Tell’ events.

West Wakefield Heath & Wellbeing

All of the developments on the website have come as a result of positive website statistics from the first year of being live. Within the first year the West Wakefield website had over 11,300 visitors, and 23% of people used the digital triage tool. Of those that did use the tool, 38% were triaged into deciding their situation was not urgent and instead found helpful advice via the website. Without this tool these users may well have looked to frontline services such as 111, or their local GP, but the website gave them the option of useful and trustworthy advice for self-care - ultimately helping to reduce the demand and cost to local frontline health services.

Since its launch West Wakefield Health and Wellbeing has helped to shift demand away from the frontline whilst still providing a high quality service to our patients. The experience of working with LookingLocal has been excellent. We are very pleased with how adaptable the team have been to our feedback during this new development phase and the fantastic recommendations they have given us to help ensure the site is beneficial to all.

One of the most valuable developments for us is the ability to share with other health professional’s our journey as a vanguard and an innovator within the health sector, via the ‘Professional’ section that has been added to the website.

Dr. Chris Jones, Programme Director of West Wakefield Health and Wellbeing

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