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Our ground-breaking welfare and employment solution BetterOff, was today recognised at the 2016 Digital Strategy & Impact Awards for the transformational impact it has had at Kirklees Council.

BetterOff has succeeded in moving one of the most paper-based and process heavy services into the digital realm, with a raft of customer and organisational benefits.

Developed in collaboration between Kirklees Council and LookingLocal and in consultation with housing partners, Job Centres, claimants, training and voluntary groups and others, BetterOff focuses on a key challenge faced by local authorities. Since its launch at Kirklees analysis for the platform has been undertaken by a further 10 councils keen to digitise the welfare process.

BetterOff not only takes all the stages of the benefit process online, it uniquely combines benefits and employment in the same digital space. The in-built benefit eligibility checker combined with multiple job feeds enables claimants to really see if they would be better off in work or not. As well as allowing claimants to apply for a range of benefits, BetterOff offers a job-seeking journal in line with the Claimant Commitment and supports people via a number of digital means including webchat, real-time collaboration (think Google Docs meets benefit forms), video and audio guidance.

BetterOff is available via the Digital Marketplace

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