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Introducing our new self-serve document scanning solution - ScanStation

  • Cutting Queues
  • Significant Savings
  • Integrated with council’s back-end system
  • Already being considered by other metropolitan councils…

LookingLocal’s new document self-scanning solution - ScanStation - is installed and very soon to go live at Kirklees Council’s customer contact centres in Huddersfield and Dewsbury. Councils from across the country have already been to see the platform and we already have two other local authorities progressing with the implementation of the platform.

ScanStation was developed from the fact that Kirklees dealt with approx. 46,000 transactions involving some form of document scanning and the current system of long queues, dropboxes and large amounts of staff time was just unsustainable. Onsite research and analysis revealed that huge numbers of scans could be done by the public - without the involvement of a customer service advisor - if the right technology was introduced.

And so, ScanStation was born; an end-to-end answer to a big service issue.

ScanStation is not only the customer app and back-end integration, it is also the tablet, document and secure furniture solution to boot.

In order for ScanStation to be as effective as possible for both the council and end-users, several important components were taken into consideration during the design and development stages.

The App

To ensure the longest shelf-life for ScanStation, the app works on the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 device. As smartphones and tablets are so commonplace now and taking images on devices is so easy, the timing seems just right. Customers don’t need to worry about zooming or holding the tablet at a certain angle, or even concern themselves with lighting or glare, the fixed position of the tablet, the development work with the camera functionality and bespoke document holder ensures high-quality scans every time.

The Furniture

ScanStation’s furniture solution - which is part off-the-shelf and part bespoke - takes into account the needs of the customer, around both the ‘real-life situation’ and privacy. The tablet is secured to a stand with an integrated document holder below, bolted onto a desk and each installation is separated by an opaque screen. The desk means people have somewhere to put their documents and bags, make notes etc, whilst a poly-carbon cover (part of the document holder) keeps documentation, such as passports, flat for scanning. The metal tablet stand design ensures the tablet is locked into place and cannot be removed.


Taking customers through a few easy-to-understand steps before the actual scan means that documents are automatically applied to the correct application/case number in the back-end - this is the best bit - both reducing the time needed to administer the claim/service and resulting in less advisors chasing for supporting evidence. The end result will be that customers will receive benefits they are entitled to more promptly and the time spent by highly-trained frontline benefit staff simply scanning supporting documents will be drastically reduced.

Kirklees uses an Anite GIM back-end system, but ScanStation can also work with other providers/systems.


Obviously where the scanning of people’s private documents is concerned, certain security measures have to be in place to ensure data is kept secure. ScanStation satisfies data and information security protocols/arrangements and is compliant with EU data protection and information security regulations.

What will ScanStation mean for the council?

Currently, Kirklees Council’s Housing Benefit claimants will be the first customers directed to use ScanStation; with over 30,000 claimants this will be a big change and mean big savings. The aim is that in Years 2 and 3 ScanStation will also support other services, such as Blue Badges and Bus Passes.

Enabling claimants to self-serve will free up the highly-trained customer service operators to help more complex and vulnerable cases. Early on-site research showed that around 80% of all scans could be undertaken by the customer with minimal support by floorwalkers if the right solution was developed. However, Kirklees Council are working towards a rather more realistic figure of 50% in Year 1.

Having a purpose-built app rather than the option for people to scan at home or use their own camera/tablet removes quality issues associated with scanning, such as poor lighting conditions, bad focus, poor quality devices/cameras, different file formats/sizes.


Based on 50% of HB claimants self-scanning, Kirklees estimate the net saving in Year 1 to be £46,000. This is purely based on freeing up advisor time (there is a significant amount of research and calculation underpinning this figure which we are happy to share). In Years 2 and 3 with more services as well as higher uptake of 60% and 75% respectively, the total saving across the three years is calculated to reach £300,000.

ScanStation is available to all other local authorities seeking to upgrade their document scanning process and diminish customer contact centre queues. Below is a brief look into the possible net savings that could be achieved depending on your council’s housing benefit caseload:

Scanstation figures

If you would like to know more about the specific savings your council could make by implementing ScanStation or would like to arrange a visit to Kirklees Council’s customer service centre to see the product up close please email scanstation@lookinglocal.gov.uk

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