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Homes for Haringey has launched a new mobile app that will improve the repairs process, as well as the overall digital offer it provides its tenants.

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Developed by Kirklees Council-owned LookingLocal, Homes for Haringey’s new mobile app allows tenants to easily report housing repairs and estate issues, as well as providing easy links to pay rent, search for housing and much more. Available on smartphones, mobile devices, and the web, the app can be downloaded for free by Homes for Haringey’s tenants.

The smartphone app means tenants can complete tasks like paying rent or reporting repairs on the go and at a convenient time. For Homes for Haringey, this will cause a dramatic reduction in the need for routine matters to be handled over the phone or face-to-face, freeing up customer service staff to deal with more complex enquiries.

The most intuitive feature within the mobile app is easy to use repair reporting function. Requests for repairs can be logged as soon as they are noticed, with a function to identify and locate the problem. Tenants can also send pictures, along with a brief description, of their repair and submit it directly to Homes for Haringey’s housing repairs portal. The push messaging capability enables questions, confirmations, and updates relating to the repair, to be sent directly to the tenant’s phone. As well as increased tenant satisfaction, this process will create greater efficiency in work scheduling for Homes for Haringey’s in-house repairs team, which deal with over 6000 repairs a year.

As well as the repair functionality, the app includes money and benefits advice, job search and a home-finding function. The money and benefits advice provided by The Money Advice service and information on Universal Credit (UC) are particularly crucial in light of the recent UC rollout, resulting in many tenants now having to budget their benefit income.

Kieran Toussaint Project Manager, Housing Information Team at Homes for Haringey commented; “The ROI for the project is driven by the savings from “channel shift” allowing our customers to report issues and log repairs to their homes much faster and more efficiently than by doing so over the phone. LookingLocal has been responsive, technically adept and has proved a great choice of software provider to playing a large part in this project becoming the success that it has.”

Building stronger communities is one of the main aims of Homes for Haringey and the mobile app will help to achieve this. The app includes features that encourage community involvement and has links to how tenants can improve services in the local area or be involved in community projects. Also, users of the app will be able to keep up-to-date with the latest news from Homes for Haringey - another way for the housing association to keep its tenants informed.

Toussaint add that; “The vision for the app was to expand and tailor LookingLocal’s “My landlord” product for our customer base. LookingLocal has helped us to produce a digital Mobile App on IOS and Android Platforms which we are proud of and that will help our residents to find the great digital services offered by Homes for Haringey, Haringey council, and other local digital services.”

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